Valèrie Neve


The very talented vocalist Valerie Neve is serving a nice portion of a charming good deep house music. Italian born singer, Valerie comes from jazz and performing art scene and during her career she has collaborated with many artists and musician all around Europe. In her approach to house music she carries all her artistic influences creating a perfect blend among different worlds . Elegantly minimal but also gorgeously sensual Ondaquadra is a siren chanting vocal combined with a electronic deep house sound and with a videoclip showing intriguing blindfolded women. Valerie sings from a pedestal both untouchable and insistently movingly close. You can have this immersive sensory experience during Valerie live set (Love’s blindfolded events) when she invites you to cover your eyes with her fashion leather-blacktull blindfold and to have this moment of intimate proximity with music based on dancing: she loves to sing her hits live and to improvise vocally with the energy of that particolar moment.

The two remix used parts of the original track to guide it in a completely different direction. Silver Ivanov remix provides us with an addictive groove, selecting fewer catchy vocal elements and gives off nothing but good vibes to lift the spirits and gently burning up the dancefloor .

The hypnotic Xtasy is one of those pieces which comes from the heart without planning, a perpetual groove made for and from the body with a catchy addictive melody.

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