Colinsky (a.k.a. Claudio Collino, CollinSky, Matt Jackson, Adam Collins) is an international composer/producer of many music styles.
Living in both countries, Italy and U.S.A., started his career back in 1984 producing italo-disco music.
After a long successful number of international releases and hits, he produced in 1989 the famous track “Sueno Latino”, one of the best 100 tracks of house music ever, followed by other smashing hits like ATAHUALPA, DILEMMA, BARRACA DESTROY etc.
Also the number of remixes and partnership with other producers involves names like Malcom McLaren, James Brown, Howard McCrary, In-Grid and many many others.
Now, beside his full-time activity as a soundtrack composer/producer (out soon “Sexy Shop”, the soundtrack) Colinsky “fell” back into the house and dance music field partnering with long-time friend/producer Lineki, with whom he wrote and produced this track, “La Petite House”.
Stay tuned for more…..

ph: Riccardo Suttora/

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